Mother of Samuel Eto’o wants him jail

Former Barcelona striker is being threaten with jail by the mother of his child..The retired Cameroonian striker was recognised as the biological father of 17 years old Annie Eto’o Barranca following a partenity case in Palms, Spain in 2004

Annie’s mother is an Italian named Anna Maria Barranca, claim she met Eto’o at a filling station where their romance started in a nightclub in Palma where she works

The two have said to be in a relationship for 3 months and Barranca called off the relationship when she saw Eto’o another woman

In 2015 an Italian court ruled that Eto’o have to give Barranca £10000 per month.. Despite the court ruli5in 2015, Eto’o has reportedly failed to make a single payment. Annie studies fashion designing and wish to go to the university of Milan to continue her education

Failure by Eto’o has prompted Barranca to file a lawsuit against Eto’o requesting him to be jailed for negligence……..

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