Facebook Business Suite Opportunityđź‘Ť

Facebook business suite lets you post to your business pages on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Business Suite recently.

This feature on Facebook is based on helping businesses saving time and staying updated by managing their profiles or pages on Facebook and Instagram from this feature platform.

Facebook Business Suite gives Facebook users to post on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, which they also manage and receive notifications, messages and alerts in this feature.

This site or platform also helps them to see what’s working and learn what’s updates with customers with Facebook and Instagram insights.

    According to Axios, Facebook is also working on incorporating with  WhatsApp messaging functionality into the app In less time.

This platform is important in that ;

You now have a more good way to stay across all of your Facebook and Instagram business interactions. Even though it’s a bit stressful.

To Start

To start with Facebook Business suite, it will be good you link your Facebook and Instagram business accounts if you haven’t done that.

Once this is done, follow the few steps in which you can use the features on the app:

  • View updates at no time: See all alerts, comments, messages, and other updates within Facebook and Instagram that need your awareness within the Business Suite home screen, allowing you to easily prioritize and manage your business activity throughout the day.
  • Set up a personalized saved reply for common questions and create a shortcut to some responses.
  • Share with your Facebook and Instagram communities: set a news feed post for both Facebook and Instagram, and then set up or organize it to be publicized at a time which is the significance for your core audience.
  • Try knowing what’s working: Go to the “Insights” click to view insights on reach, engagement and post-performance across Facebook and Instagram. See what’s popping with customers and optimize your feats for each platform.
  • You need to grow your audience by Considering to boost a post or create an ad to get more people to see and engage with your content.

How To Use Facebook Business Suite On Desktop and Mobile Devices

To access Business Suite, 

Follow the instruction;

  • Log in to the Facebook account linked with your business. Automatically you will be redirected to Business Suite when you visit business.facebook.com on desktop

*On Mobile

Go to iOS store or Android app stores to download Facebook Business Suite app.

NB: Note that this Facebook business Suite is not designed to serve those who use Ads.

The Facebook business suite app inline with other Facebook offers today for its business customers, including Facebook Pages Manager, Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager.

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