As at the time am writing this post, Glo Nigeria has offered the cheapest internet subscription in the country. Cheaper bundles are sure to be available if the company lunches Glo1. Am sharing with you eight codes of subscription you can use to subscribe to GLO high-speed internet service. Presently, Glo Nigeria has four plans that give internet access to GLO users for 24 hours a day seven days a week. These plans include; Always Micro, Always Day, Always Min and Always Max. Glo has also introduced other plans like G100, G300, G Work and G Leisure.

             The Always Micro is the cheapest in Nigeria because you can get 150MB for N1000 unlike MTN, Zain and Etisalat which offers 100MB for the same N1000. Remember, to activate your Glo Sim for the high-speed network, text ‘Activate’ to 127 and follow the instructions. To check your Glo data usage text ‘info’ to 127.

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