How to invest in Bitcoin in Africa.

Bitcoin in other words BTC or Cryptocurrencies is very easy to obtain or to have than it is to open a bank account. You don’t need to seek permission  or prove to anyone  for owning a bitcoin, all you need to have is your smartphone  or your computer to get started also you will need to have a wallet

Wallet: Is where you will need to store your money or hold your money, your wallet is digital and you can keep it in your phone or your computer and wallet are free you don’t have to pay anything for it. A bitcoin wallet is what allows you to send or receive bitcoin or cryptocurrencies to others. It doesn’t matter how many Cryptocurrencies you want to invest in or you want to buy the wallet can hold multiple currencies. The next thing you are going to need is the Exchange the bitcoin exchange or the Cryptocurrency exchange is where you can buy the currency. Exchange is like banks for Crypto but they are not banks because banks print money but the exchange does not print money, the exchange is like market places that allow a willing buyer and a willing seller to make a trade, but when you buying from this exchanges you would not be aware that you are buying from someone else though it seems like you are buying from the app. Most exchanges have a wallet too even though it is not recommended for you to used them, most people still used wallet on exchanges because exchanges allow you to sell or to buy your Cryptocurrencies and easy for you to keep your bitcoin on the exchange wallet too but it is not recommended. 

everywhereCryptocurrenciesDifferent countries have their exchanges and most countries do not have exchanges too as well, just like banks there are some banks that you can only find in the UK or USA  but you can not find that same bank in South Africa, Cameroon or any other African country, so different exchanges are available in different countries the easiest way is to check for a local exchange in your cocryptocurrencyuntry. For example, if you are in South Africa  I recommend wallet like LUNO WALLET, VALR or OVEX whatever you can choose among these they match your banks there are multiple banks but it’s up to you to choose what works for you, and you can either have all of them in other to diversify your coins maybe you keep a few coins in  LUNO a little bit few a few coins in OVEX just make sure if something has to go wrong you are not going to worry more cause you have some coins on the others wallets to trade with at any time. If you are in the United States or Europe you should be looking at coin Base you sign up with coin Base and you should be able to buy cryptocurrencies there and be able to sell them whenever you want to sell them. The good thing about this local exchanges is that they are linked to our bank account meaning that you can easily connect your bank account to your Cryptocurrency wallet and be able to transfer money from your bank account to your Cryptocurrency wallet  so that you can easily buy your Cryptocurrency with it. This works for LUNO, VALR and OVEX. Most countries do not have their local exchanges so you will be relying on international exchanges to buy bitcoin with Credit cards or gift cards there are so many ways to buy bitcoin depending on were in the world you are, for example, you can buy bitcoin on PAXFUL and is so much available every where in the world  if you are in a country  where LUNO, VALR  and OVEX DO not exist  simply go and used PAXFUL it is every and PAXFUL exchange allows  you to connect with  buyers or sellers of Cryptocurrencies in your areas, it’s is all so a wallet but I recommend that you buy cryptocurrency from there and keep it in another wallet you can also buy  it from there “PAXFUL ” 

And keep it on wallet or Blockchain wallet. This two wallet wallet and the Blockchain wallet do not allow you to buy bitcoin  I’d you are not in the United State but they allow you to just keep coins. You can buy your bitcoin from PAXFUL  and transfer them to  Blockchain or wallet, so if you are in a country  that does not have exchanges like most  countries  in Africa  the best place to buy bitcoin is on PAXFUL  and keep it in you wallet or Blockchain wallet 

NB: BTC also fluctuates in prices it’s changes second by seconds.

Some Advantages Of Bitcoins 

-You can create your account without paying or stressing anyone.

-Doesn’t require any money before creating an account. 

-You can buy BTC and sell for profits.

-You can stay at home using just your phone or computer to do transactions on your wallet 

-So easy to use the app


Requires mobile data connection before dealing with your BTC wallet.

Can only use the app in your phone or computer so if “no phone no BTC transaction”.

BTC is expensive 

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