How To Make Video On Snapchat And Take Emoji Photos

How to make a video 

Over the past few years, the Snapchat app has gone wide to most nations and has millions of users but it’s seems making videos using the app seem difficult.

Here are some guides to follow on making Snapchat videos 

Log in to the app with your Snapchat account.

After logging in, the app will take you straight to the camera. You will  see a round button in the middle of your phone screen downward;

To take a photo with Emoji, there is a sticker near the middle button you click it and scroll left or right to change the stickers then you can click on the middle button to snap a photo.

For videos, all you need to do is to hold on the middle button to record your videos and it’s done.

Also if you want music or sounds to record with your Snapchat video;

-Go to your music app 

-Select your music  (play)

-Go to menu

-Enter Snapchat application 


-While music is playing hold on the middle button and you are good to go.

Some few terms on Snapchat;

Bitmoji: A Bitmoji is a cartoon icon that represents you. Since Snapchat bought the Bitmoji app, it has been implementing Bitmoji throughout the network, including in Snapcodes (which formerly featured real photos known as Snapcode selfies). And always seen at the top right angle of your screen in your Snapchat app 

Chat: Snapchat’s version of instant messenger for individual and group chats. Messages disappear after they are viewed

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