How to Recovered deleted WhatsApp Messages.

  To Recovered your WhatsApp chats and messages you are required to follow the following steps that I will be showing you below👇.

Step one: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step two: Here, you can see a conversation. First, I will delete it and I will try to recover it successfully. 

Step three: To delete it, long press on the chat and click on the delete icon. Then click on the “Delete ” and it is successfully deleted. Now you can see the chat has been successfully deleted.

Step four:  Go to settings, scroll down to Applications then go to Application Manager, scroll down and click on WhatsApp. (Settings >>application >>application manager -WhatsApp ).

  Step five: Click on “clear data” you see a pop-up window then click on clear button. 

Step six: Open my files (file manager) then tap on “Device storage ”  browse on Device storage >>whatsapp >>databases.

Step Seven : Long press on file named “msgstore.db.crypt12” and renamed the file name to “backup-msgstore.db.crypt12”

Click on renamed .

Now you have to log in to WhatsApp with your phone number 

Step eight: Open WhatsApp and click on “Agree and continue “.

Step nine: Enter your phone number and click on next, then ok.

Step ten: You will receive 6 digits “OPT”

 enter the OPT on the space provided 

OPT will be verified.

Step eleven: Now click on “Restore” to retrieve deleted messages. 

Step twelve: You can see messages has been restored successfully 

Click on next .

Enter your name and click on next.

Wait for a while.

Step thirteen: Click on “Never” on the radio button then tap done.

    Open the conversation, you can see messages has been restored successfully.

Very easy.  

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