The use of MTN mobile money in Cameroon has been more evident as the days go by with the current covid-19 pandemic. When we talk of mobile money, many people think they are bank account linked to mobile phones.

A digital wallet is virtual wallet which stores all the content in a digitized format which allows easy payment and other money related transactions. Unlike what banks offer, with mobile money, you do not need a particular account number, an initial deposit or even an opening fees. In addition, you can carry out your operation from any where and at anytime of the day using your phone. There are more withdrawal points than ATMs and pricing are also very different. While current account often charge month or annual account maintenance fees, mobile money account do not cost anything.

countries across Africa. Also, mobile money can be define as a technology which allows people to receive, store and send money and carry out a number of transactions such as payment of bills , online shopping through the mobile phone. The process is simpler, practical and more cheaper than bank account. Mobile money works on smart phones and basic feature phones offering a good alternative to bank accounts by enabling people to store, receive and send money using their mobile phones. They can buy thing online, pay bills and school fees all from their. For more information on mobile money service, visit MTN website or visit one of their dedicated agent.
With the need for social distancing and personal security measures increases in scope, it is imperative to find solutions for financial transactions while minimizing risk. Mobile money is an ideal situation especially in Cameroon.
How to create MTN mobile money account

MTN mobile money is an electronic service that enables an MTN mobile money wallet holder to store, send and to receive money, make payment for bills, pay salary of workers and to carry out other transactions simply with the use of a mobile phone. It is fast, simply, convenient, reliable, and affordable and it is offered by MTN in partnership with ten(10) partner banks in a number of

It is very easy to create an MTN mobile money account since the user is not required to fill forms as required in the bank account. Interestingly, MTN brought up this idea and it has helped a lot of people to do their transactions easier and faster than in the days of banks and money transfer that had to do with a photocopy of identity card and standing in long lines and wasting time. Thanks to MTN mobile money service you can send and receive money from anywhere around the country and most African countries like Nigeria, Ghana. The following steps will help you to create your mobile money account.

  • To begin, you will need to present yourself at any MTN service centre or any authorise MTN mobile money agent.
  • Show the agent one of the following; a valid National Identity Card, passport, tax certificate, voters card or drivers license.
  • The agent needs to see if your sim card is registered to the MTN network. If it is registered to the network, the agent will help you complete your MTN mobile money registration form. If it is not registered to MTN network, you will present the agent one passport photo and a photocopy of your identity card. If the Sim is not convertible to MTN mobile money, the agent will help you change it with a fee of 1500frs.
  • The agent will enter your information into the system and you will receive an SMS requesting you to complete the registration. Do this by dialling *126# on your phone.

You will be required to create a five digit pin code. You will receive an SMS letting you know your registration has been successful.

Make sure not to forget the give digit pin code because it is going to serve as the password to enter your account. Avoid using the date of birth and part of your phone number as part of your pin code to stay safe from hackers and crackers.

If you have successfully created your five-digit pin code, you are now ready to enjoy MTN mobile money service. 


Yes. With WorldRemit, you can receive money from many African countries into your MTN mobile money wallet.

WorldRemit is a global leader in mobile money transactions with the biggest international network they make it easy to send money to any mobile money account

Here is how it works

After checking if your recipient has a mobile money account you simply visit their website

  • Select the country you want to send to. 
  • Select how  you want to send 
  • Enter the amount you wish to send us.

Then you will be directed to another page 


  • They simply: that means you can send over ninety currencies to one hundred and fifty (159) countries from the comfort of your home using your phone or computer. No agent is required.
  • They are secure: thanks to their industry-leading technology, you know your hard earned money is guaranteed to arrive safely to the people you care for every time.
  • They are fast: send money and airtime to you family and friends in a party of minutes and most cases, they will receive it instantly.


To make a deposit into your mobile money account, follow the steps below

  • Go to any authorized MTN mobile money agent or at their service centre
  • You will need to give your phone number to the agent
  • Then give the amount of cash you wish to deposit
  • The agent will deposit the amount into your mobile money account and you will receive an SMS to confirm that money has been deposited into your account.

Remember depositing is free of charge. You are not required to pay any charges to deposit to your account.


The are several ways to check your account balance but the most suitable way to check your account balance is with the use of the MTN mobile app. Amongst other things, it allows you to check the rates. It also offers you the best way to control all their services.


MTN mobile money wallet holder can use their mobile money account in several ways. These are some of the uses of the MTN mobile money account.

  • It helps to receive and to store money
  • It also functions to send money to any MTN mobile number user as long as they have a registered MTN mobile money account.
  • It sends money to MTN mobile number and another local network in the country such as Orange, Nextel.
  • Holders of MTN mobile money account can withdraw money at any authorise MTN mobile money agent.
  • Top up MTN airtime
  • Payment of bills
  • It’s used to buy and pay for insurance policies and to do online shopping
  • Some employers use the service to pay their workers, 
  • Parents use it to pay their children school fees, airline tickets etc. 

Advancement in technology has opened up new opportunities for the mobile phone as it is not only used as a means of communication but the mobile handset Is also used as a platform for a range of applications. The introduction of mobile money service in Africa has benefited the Africans in a lot of ways.


  •  To begin with, the mobile money service is convenient. Through the invention of the mobile money service, subscribers have the convenience of having instant access to their money at any time of the week and at any time of the day in the comfort of their dwellings without the need to visit any bank with the inconveniences related to withdrawal and depositing money in their bank account. With mobile money, most urban city dwellers have the opportunity to send money to their friends and family members in rural areas. Unquestionably, mobile money has helped most people in urban areas to send money to their relatives and friends in rural areas where they do not have access to banking services.
  • Mobile money service saves time and money. Mobile money transfer reduces the financial cost involved in bank account especially to the poor who can not afford these charges. Mobile money saves time and money which people could have to spend to visit the nearest bank for financial assistance. Mobile money offers the ability to top up airtime, paying for utility bills, goods and services, purchase premium, online shopping, payment of workers salaries and children’s school fees. All those services can be provided by the mobile money service with their phones at the comfort of their home. Thus this service saves time and money.
  •  It helps to reduce the potential of corruption. In more and more countries in Africa, mobile payment is opening the door to all sorts of payment. Taxes, license, permit. In countries where corruption is rife, less face to face contact with officials means less opportunity for extortion which is a win.
  • Mobile money services have employed some personal. The mobile money service has provided a lot of employment opportunities to many people in the country as they are being registered as mobile money agents nationwide. Beyond financial activities, mobile money has helped in the economic growth of the country since it serves as an avenue in reducing the level of unemployment by offering individuals the opportunity to work with service providers as agents for income generation.
  • Mobile money has less significantly threatened the payment solution offered by banks particularly the bill payment and point of sale payment services. Mobile money is used to pay utility bills, use in-store purchase and even historically cash base transactions such as payment of goods in the local market. Bank executive have expressed their concerns that if the current mobile money trend continues, banks will command a smaller part of the payment system in the country as compared to banks. When the wages and salaries of workers are paid digitally to the mobile wallet, people with no traditional paper trail suddenly have a digital trail and proof that they can earn, spend and most importantly save.
  • Once someone access basic mobile money payment service, they are likely to access a wide range of life-improving services. There is a trend that begins when someone starts to access mobile money payment with their mobile phone, they begin to access all sorts of other services with the potential of transforming their lives and the lives of their families. Everything from loan to start a small business to insurance to safeguard valuable income with the ability to save for the future.


Mobile banking was initially born to reach the unbanked rural population. How ever, Mobile money services has some challenges. This chapter seeks to explore these challenges. Qualitative data was used in both primary and secondary data.

  • Challenges existing amongst the rural population was the existence of a few mobile money agents in rural communities. The agents always had limited cash and e-float were some of the facilitating conditions that enhance money phone money adoption and use. The inadequate lack of cash and as well as e-float led to ineffective service delivery to the users of mobile money service.
  • Also, delays during transcription using mobile phone money was yet another challenge to the respondents. Though only a few people normally experience this, most of the users got irritated when they were forced to wait for long minutes or hours on the event of transactions delay. Most of the users who had experienced this in the past preferred to carry out cash transaction as opposed to experiencing a delay. Many argue that this could be dangerous especially in case of an emergency that would require money urgently. This condition therefore to many people would be a demotivating factor to potential customers to comply with mobile money service.
  • Another challenge to the utilisation of mobile money service was the problem of language barrier especially when someone sends money to the wrong person and the only way of retrieving the money involves contacting the customer. In cases where they do not speak the same language, it becomes easy to retrieve the money. According to the study, when this usually happens, the mobile money agent usually advises the user’s to contact customer service on their own. The further study established that those who had been a victim or knew about those who had suffered the same circumstances were more cautious to send money to their friends and family for fear of sending the money to a wrong person.
  • Lastly, the lack of ID cards by some potential user’s was a great challenge that had influence mobile phone money adoption in rural communities. A good number of potential user’s lack of vital documents that were instrumental to allow them to register their cellular line as well as registering their lines for mobile money service. ID cards are required to register for mobile phone money. This, therefore, means that those without ID cards are technically excluded from the use and adoption of the service

                       In conclusion, the study has established that mobile phone money use and adoption had several challenges that hindered its adoption.

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