These days we can not imagine our lives without smartphones. They have replaced so many devices in our lives and it doesn’t seem to be a limit to this trend. Nowadays, smartphones do not only have features on their own, but they allow you to download multiple Apps for any purpose. You may not have noticed, but your smartphone can do more than you imagine.

  • Measure a distance.  You will never know when you need to measure something and at times it’s very essential. All of a sudden you need to decorate the house or you need to take measurement an object and you do not have a tape. You can download the app called SIZE UP which will help you measure anything you need and quickly. The app also allows you to save the measurement.
  • Test your remote control battery. This feature will help you to know if your remote control is no working right. So if you don’t want to rush to the supermarket to check if your remote control battery is dead, just pull out your phone and start the camera. Then take the remote control and point to the camera. Press any bottom and if you see a red or pinkish light coming from your remote when you look at it, it means the infrared signal is working properly then the problem, in this case, is the battery. 
  • Control your phone without touching it. If you are looking for a cool way to control your phone without touching it, you should try out the app called WAVECONTROL. It is available for android and iOS devices. While using this app, you can watch a video, play music and answer calls simply with a wave of your hand without worrying about getting dirt on your screen.
  • Drive safely. Your phone can make driving much easier. If you are driving in the dark and want to keep your eyes constantly on the road, you can download a certain app called HUDWAY. This app helps you drive safely especially when the is snowfall or rain outside. It also clears the vision when there is fog. It is easy to use. Just lit your phone in the dashboard, adjust the brightness and you will get all the information you need. The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Send text from your PC. Did your phone battery die and you need to get in touch with a friend or colleague, with the app called Mightytext you won’t miss a single thing? It links your phone or tablet to your PC and allows you to manage SMS and MMS from your email. All messages linked to your phone will appear on your PC screen and you can still find the messages in your phone text inbox so that nothing is lost.
  • Make better decisions. If you facing difficulties in making a good decision, just name your options, set the characteristics and let this app called DECISION CRAFTING  select the best choice for you. This app makes the final decision after considering all the advantages and disadvantages and comparing them to one another with different criteria. Unfortunately, this app is not found in the App Store but you can find a similar app called CHOICEMAP which will help you as much.
  • Keep safe. Self-security is our top priority no matter the age or gender. If you often come home late and feel insecure on the streets, there is an app BSAFE which may calm your nerves and deal with potential danger. It will not only send an SOS to an emergency contact, but it will also record video and audio tracking GPS location and set a timer that will automatically send an alarm if you don’t turn it off in time. This option will allow your friends and parents to react to any dangerous situation and come to your rescue. They will know exactly where you are and how they can help you. 

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